Chimpanzees use various methods of locomotion, both terrestrial and arboreal. Chimps brachiate (swing from tree to tree), climb, and walk both bipedally and on four knuckles. They feed and rest both on the ground and in the trees and generally travel long distances on the ground.

Nest Building.

Chimpanzees build arboreal nests to sleep in each night using a foundation of solid branches or forks and bending, breaking and weaving the branches, creating the nest in a circular fashion. Chimpanzees will occasionally build day nests as well, often on the ground. Sometimes chimpanzees will reuse a nest from the previous night or built by a previous occupant. Nests are only shared by mothers and nursing off spring. Nest building habit has proven to be very useful to researchers who have found counting them to be the most practical and accurate way of estimating population size.

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