JGI in Uganda beneficiaries trained in growing African bird’s eye chilli to reduce on human- wildlife conflicts.

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The Jane Goodall Institute Uganda in partnership with ESCO Uganda a chili exporting company has trained 165 (44 female) community members in Kasongoire village, Masindi district, Uganda in growing African bird’s eye chilli (Capsium frutescens) a non-palatable crop to wild animals including great apes chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).

Within the Human Wildlife Conflict Resilience Fund project funded by USAID/Uganda through Biodiversity Trust Fund, JGI hopes to address or mitigate the accelerating conflict between wildlife and the people of Kasongoire village. the conflicts have exacerbated due to community members converting natural wildlife habitat to alternative land-uses especially farming and hence exposing wild animals to cultivated palatable crops such as maize and sugar cane.

As a result, crop-raiding animals most of them endangered and legally protected risk harassment, injury or even death during confrontations with people.

JGI anticipates that with the communities growing African bird’s eye chili, the negative perceptions of wildlife generated by crop raids will reduce and yet at the same time the growers will earn income since a market for the crop is  available.

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