Collecting wire snares to make cards and beads to improve communities’ livelihoods.

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Since 1997, JGI found out that snares were a major threat to survival of chimpanzees and other species in the wild and since then with support from the Jane Goodall Institut Schweiz, Jane Goodall Instituut Nederland and The Jane Goodall Institute Australia, we established a number of snare removal Programs in Uganda and one of them is in Kibale National Park.

Under our beads and cards project, we collected snare wires from them which we are to distribute to women near Budongo forest to make snare cards and beads. The snares are cut into shorter lengths, unwound and designed on recycled paper cards and then sold to various JGI offices worldwide. The project aims at supporting communities who make these cards with income to improve their livelihoods as well as remove the wires from circulation and ensure that they are not re-used in any park or forest.

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