Addressing threats facing chimpanzees and their habitats including disease, habitat loss and fragmentation, hunting and killing (stemming from conflict, culture, trade and consumption) using a highly customized approach tailored to each region of our operations.


  1. Disease Threat
  1. Proactively monitor and research diseases in wild populations and intervene in cases originating with humans.
  1. Hunting and Killing (stemming from conflict, culture, trade and consumption)
  1. Provide alternatives for individuals involved in wildlife hunting and trade
  1. Educate individuals directly and indirectly involved in hunting and trade, including authorities and other groups that can contribute to threat reduction
  1. Empowering individuals and agencies responsible for the enforcement of wildlife laws and regulations
  1. Intervene in hunting and trade activities to reduce profitability (snare removal, arrests, etc. Provide technical and financial support for the care of captive chimpanzees

Habitat Loss and Fragmentation

  1. Proactively monitor chimpanzee and other valuable wildlife habitats
  2. Assist individuals and communities in improving management of natural resources
  3. Proactively restore fragmented or lost habitat
  4. Provide alternatives that can reduce the demand on natural resources in chimpanzee habitat and educate nearby communities about their availability and implementation
  5. Empowering individuals and agencies in enforcing existing wildlife and habitat protection laws and regulations
  6. Educate individuals and communities about reproductive health and facilitate acquisition of


Improving understanding of chimpanzees, threats to their survival and conservation strategies through applied research that can lead to greater effectiveness and efficiency in accomplishing JGI’s mission.


Improve the effectiveness of applied research by ensuring alignment between research agendas and knowledge needs and gaps.

Improve the efficiency with which both basic and applied research is conducted to increase solid knowledge and understanding related to chimpanzees and their habitats

Increasing awareness about chimpanzees and their threats leading to their conservation.


Utilize technology and research to better substantiate and provide compelling information regarding human impact on chimpanzees and their habitats

Intervene in activities that negatively impact conservation of chimpanzees and their habitat, through advocating for laws, international agreements and increased global support

Showcase JGI’s involvement in caring for injured and orphaned chimpanzees to not act as role models but also to demonstrate the result of negative human activities on chimpanzees and their habitats

Advocate for the highest standards in the care of captive chimpanzees

Annual Reports

Annul Reports See our Annual Report.

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