Dr. Jane Goodall’s June tour in Uganda .

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Dr. Jane Goodall, a passionate road warrior who travels 300 days each year worldwide, was in Uganda last month ( from the 17th-23rd of June) .  She delivered a very powerful and inspirational speech to an audience hosted by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Alphons J.A.J.M.G. Hennekens and Mrs Kirsten S. Straarup in Kampala .

We greatly appreciate the Ambassador’s kind gesture for allowing JGI Uganda to use the opportunity to showcase our achievements in the conservation of great apes and the environment in Uganda for now 25 years.

She also toured the Albertine rift ( our area of operation) in western Uganda and she spoke to the JGI in Uganda  diffrent project  beneficiaries. “We must remember that we have not inherited this planet from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children. But we have not been borrowing their future, we have stolen it and we keep stealing it.” That was one of  Dr. Jane Goodall’s messages to the communities in Hoima and Masindi districts.

She encouraged the community members who among st were district officials of Hoima and Masindi districts not to lose hope since there is a lot that can still be done to change things around for the better of our planet. For example starting with tree planting which can bring back water which had dried in an area.

Lastly, she reminded them that as individuals,  Each one of  them has  a role to play in ensuring the world is a better place for  all to live co-existentially in harmony with Nature and all which can be achieved through taking even if  small steps into Biodiversity conservation and make a difference.


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